L’Hôtel du Parc*** à Hossegor

The Hotel du Parc*** by azureva

« The Place To Be » in Soorts-Hossegor – Nouvelle Aquitaine

“A stay in Hossegor is like taking a deep, refreshing dive”

The Basque-Landes art of living.

Bistronomic: restaurant La Belle Epoque & restaurant La Rotonde
Well-being: spa area 200m² - “Les Bains du Lac”
Events: MICE seminars, conferences, banquets, ceremonies...

Architecture, luxurious decor, comfort

Basque-Landesque façade worthy of a water villa, relaxation areas, terrace, rooms some with a view of the lake, Terrace with direct access to the private beach of the marine lake


Hossegor, a hub of surfing in Europe (world league), paddle on the lake, windsurfing, water sports, golf, hiking in the forest landes

The Hôtel du Parc*** in Hossegor is a blend of refined art deco architecture and the true Basque-Landes character, which it inspired.


Located on the south coast of the Landes, the Hôtel du Parc*** and its private beach stand on the shore of the Hossegor marine lake. The hotel’s architecture embellishes the surface of the water and has been part of the Basque-Landes art of living on the Côte d’Argent for over a century!

Rotunda, volutes, curved accents, bay windows, graphism,… The Hôtel du Parc is a jewel of Basque-Landes architecture. It is the proud heir of many characteristics from the great wave of the inter-war period. A true water villa par excellence, it embodies with grandeur all the very best of a seaside resort.

Welcome to Hossegor!


The Hotel du Parc*** Hossegor, your stay in the Landes


 Witnessing the Landes’ immersion between history and dynamism, the Hôtel du Parc*** stands just 1.5km from the Atlantic Ocean, making it a real hub for lovers of hiking, water sports, well-being and Basque-Landes culture!

Fall for the tranquillity of its location on the eastern shore of the Hossegor marine lake and its exclusive private beach. Relaxation, baths or massages at the 200m² “Les Bains du Lac” spa. Discover Gascony’s cuisine while lounging on the terrace, under the glass roof or in the heart of the Rotunda, or enjoy the marine lake’s famous (and excellent!) oysters…

The Hotel du Parc *** immerses you in the “Hossegor” region. 

The hotel rooms

@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre1109-2
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre2116-5
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre1109-4
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- ChambreXX-1
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre1108-1
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre1217-1
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre1109-5
@Azureva- Hotel du Parc- Hossegor- Chambre2116-1

Private beach on the shore of the Hossegor marine lake


enjoying all the dynamism the lake has to offer